Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost Halfway There ... And Not

Well, it's the 12th of November, which means in three days, we should all be to 25,000 words right? Hehe...

For all I love this book better than my first, it's coming along slower. I finished Ch 5 and am at 15,ooo words (when I should be around 20K by now) and I desperately want to get to 50K this month. Not so much to "win" NaNo, but because this story will probably not exceed 75K, so being to 50 would make me 2/3 done. Unfortunately, life tasks and sleep deprivation are hindrances to the writing process.

I'd like to get into some details about the current story and why I like it so much, but for now, it's off to class. Weeeee!

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Lady Glamis said...

Can't wait to hear more from you! You are doing well, still. 15k isn't a bad start at all!

Good luck. :)

*cheers you on with pompoms!*