Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Lot Going On, Not A Lot To Say

These last couple weeks have been crammed full for me, not just in the writing department. If anything, I think my muse has taken a short hiatus.

I've mostly been thinking about my soon to be WIP: the characters, their reactions, how they might behave in scenario X or conflict Y. I've been doing a lot more planning for this story than I did for any other WIP.

My hope is that this will help focus my writing, that I'll be less of a pantzer, and that the scenes and conflicts will come across clearer and truer for my effort.

My fear is that I'm subconsciously delaying the writing process for fear of messing it up due to my impatience and not knowning my characters or story well enough.

With my first WIP, even after several rounds of heavy edits, I simply don't think there is a way to streamline the scenes and events into one cohesive whole. The story is still fun to read, and many people have said they liked it a lot, but it definately lacks some fluidity that I'd like my future work to contain.

And wow, for not having a lot to say, I seem to have been rambling on. Never trust a writer to be lacking for words, I guess.

Well, my planning period is over, so I must go teach class now.

Happy Writing!