Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Six

Haha... I won't be doing this every week, but in the good-spirit of mimicry, I'll update this way this week.

1. I revisited my interest in Dark Angel, watching both seasons last week and decided to order the three DA books that came out after the third season didn't get picked up by FOX. The end of the second season left so many open holes. The books have mixed reviews, so I'll decide for myself. I'm thinking the cause for some of the negativity is in the transistion between TV show and literary medium. Fans of the show likely have expectations that couldn't be met in book form. We'll see. I'll have to update my impressions after reading.

2. I'm taking down Page Me Choice. It's a fun activity, but between Critique Circle, this blog, my main writing, and life, I'm not finding the drive to keep Choice running smoothly. I may use the premise I had for Choice in a later story/novel idea.

3. I'm about halfway through Jim Butcher's Furies of Calderon and so far it's great. In the field of epic fantasy, he's already earned a gold star from me. Mainly, I think this is because Butcher's writing style balances the focus on multiple characters, so much so that I can't surely say which are main characters and which are secondary. I care about many characters equally, which is rare. I love it.

4. Tonight I indent do return to the writing of Snatch. More on that later.

5. Washington was hit with furious winds, rain, and warm temps, all of which contributed to the removal of the precious snow I need to go boarding. *cry* Oh well, next weekend I'm headed to Oregon on a snowboarding trip with my fam. Yay!

6. I see why most people stick with five. ;) Actually, life is generally going well. That should work... How goes it for you?


lotusgirl said...

Things are going pretty well here. Sorry about your snow. Maybe you should visit Glam. She's got about 4 feet. Your vacation with the fam sounds great.

Lady Glamis said...

Yeah, Anette, come on over! Lots of snow here. :)

Glad to see you'll be revisiting Snatch. Good luck with that!

I LOVED the idea of your Page Me Choice blog, but not many people seemed to want to participate. :( I tried pushing them over there from my blog. You did a great job anyway!

Anette J Kres said...

Glam, I've got everything saved so I can always start it up again later. You're right though, it definately needs a good crowd to be good.

Merc said...

Haha, yeah, I can see why most people pick five points. ;)

I think I'd run out of things after three, but hey, I do have a short attention span. O:)

Blog looks good so far, though!