Monday, December 1, 2008

Page Me Choice

Howdy everyone!

Just a couple quick updates to usher in the new month. Yes, it's December already. Scary huh?

Update 1: I've changed the goal wordcount of Book B to 80,000 since NaNo is over and a more realistic length is in order. On a sad note, that makes me much further from that goal. But I must reach it, because my cousin will kill me if I don't finish Book B. He loves it.

Update 2: I've spent a couple days tinkering around with children's books. Yes, I totally realize this is distracting me from my main goal - that being publishing YA fantasy novels - but it was interesting. My grandmother really wants to write kiddie stories and I think it would be fantasmic to make online "read alongs" for little kids, since they are supposed to read 20 minutes a day and many, if not most, parents don't have the time or inclination to do that with them. 'Tis a project to play with.

Update 3: I've created two new blogs, neither of which will be as active as my main one here (I think). The first, Page Me Petite, is a place where I will post flash fiction, short stories, and kiddie fiction I write. Since my main interest is novels, I feel comfortable sharing my shorter work with others under a Creative Commons license. The blog is by invitation only, though so if you want in, you'll have to ask. The second new blog, Page Me Choice, is my personal writing gym. I get to exercise my skills whilst entertaining whoever would like to read along. "Choice" is an open blog, in which I write little episodes and then ask the readers to make a decision, which I base the next post on. Sound fun? Read along...

Anyway, I know that probably sounds like I've loaded my plate too full, but I'll manage, I promise! I've decided to stop taking classes at the college seeing as I already have one degree and I'd really rather focus on writing. It's what bring joy and satisfaction into my life anyway and it would be nice to just live life to live life rather than planning to live life.

If you find you enjoy Page Me Choice, please do invite your friends to read too. The more decision makers there are, the more fun it can be!


Carnifex said...

Hello! It's Carni from AC.

I got your e-mail, and would just like to let you know that it'd be a pleasure to read an excerpt or two from your work in progress.

As for my writing days? In terms of fantasy based novels, I'm inactive. I was coming to find that due to my age and limited insight therein, my books were morphing too rapidly and drastically with my changes in general philosophy. Ultimately my most current work - Visset Nar, became something I just didn't wish to continue, as it conflicted with my outlook more and more. Perhaps one day I'll continue; the ideas certainly still brew in my head.

Amazing to hear from you again though, a totally unexpected surprise.

Good day to you :)

Lady Glamis said...

Hey, I'd like an invite, please! *raises hand*

And I will add "Choice" to my list of blogs. It sounds like a lot of fun! But I belong to a writer's circle online, and I read and comment on over 52 blogs, so please be patient with me. :)

I'll invite some other in, as well.